The Templar Investment Group, LLC

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Welcome To Templar

As a private, member-based, capital management program, we are exclusively committed to our partners and the communities we serve We aim to protect and promote the economic interests of our minority communities, through services customized to our unique needs, and a steadfast commitment to practicing ethical stewardship. 

As part of our core operating practice, every Templar senior partner has committed to the practice of taking gains last and losses first. What this means is we, literally, protect our more junior partners' deposits with our own. Before one penny of our first non-managing partner's deposits are lost, those entrusted to lead must lose ALL of their holdings and are required to maintain minimum deposits to ensure that these protections are always in place.

We are extremely proud of the work that we are doing and look forward to serving, and growing, with you.

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Human and financial capital solutions customized to your unique needs.

Helping You Feel More Confident about Tomorrow.

Protecting what You have Worked Hard to Achieve.

Reconnecting our Community in a Socially-Conscious and Fiscally Responsible way.

Putting our Organizational Management Expertise and Financial Resources to Work for You.